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Gwen Dluehosh (dluehosh@vt.edu)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 07:40:19 -0500 (EST)

> Stacy, OK, so my stallion is a bit toed out but has excellent bone and 3
> full sibs who aren't toed out. Is she going to ream him up and down as a
> breeding animal? I know his flaws and have bred to the best mares I can
> find who COMPLEMENT his flaws. So far we have gotten beautiful, straight
> animals by him.
> Also his bloodlines are impeccable (yes I know you look at the horse
> primarily, I do) and as far back as I can trace him there is no CID in his
> family.
> I have read how tough she can be on people's horses, and I want positives
> on him, I know about his flaws, would like to know more about his
> potential. I attended and showed at the Crabbet Celebration here on the
> East Coast, and took him in his first ever ridden class, Dressage
> suitability. NOt on ly did he place third, but the judege said he had the
> best movement. He made several mistakes (cooped up in a stall does that
> to ya!) so he wasn't able to go first. As a person who went in 1)not
> dressed for the class; 2) in endurance tack; and 3; no ring work in quite
> a while, I was quite pleased with him (I almost fell off of his
> Showsheened back!). Anyway, I am just curious. This sounds as though it
> might be worth it. Gwen
>> present a slide photos of horses and pointed out their weaknesses and
>> strengths. She is very interesting and very open to answering
>> questions.
>> I would think that her opinion of a breeding animal would be very
>> beneficial (mare or stallion). She would be able to offer informed
>> comments on the suitability of the horse for different disciplines,
>> which could help a breeding program.
>> Even better, would be to have Deb assist in the selection of a breeding
>> animal. There are many breeding horses that should be culled due to
>> one reason or another, but are used as foundations to breeding
>> programs. (ie look at the number of horses with small feet, thin
>> legs, or the AQHA problems with Impressive).
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