ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] saddles, CMK?, brag

[endurance] saddles, CMK?, brag

Bridget M Brickson (Bridget_M_Brickson%notes@sb.com)
13 Sep 95 13:55:35 EDT

Kate in TN, Did you have your Saares custom-fit for your horses? What
is the DeSoto like? Is it heavy? (My major concern, because of having to
sometimes lug my saddle around on my bicycle.)

Who was it that told me about the two-part tree'd sports saddle? I've made up
my mind to at least try it, but I delete-lost your message re: source. Aaagh!
I'm back with my beat-up AP for now. Maybe I'll just keep with the used
ones; we're tough on tack.

CMK--lemme guess. Crabbet Maynesboro-Kellogg? (don't laugh; we're
learning) Galant Firefly may be one. All I remember from her papers is
great-great grandfather Nabor*, var. Al-Marah horses, Silver Vanity, and
some Sun-names. I never really cared because I'm not a breeder. I love
her more each day. She seems to be a real conversation piece, however.
I've heard "Look at that big mare. What is that, a half-Arab?" -type
comments everytime I meet other riders.

**Warning--sentimental bragging: She looks like the old B/W
conformation-photo of Nazeer at the Egyptian Stud. Not related, I
don't think, but I don't have a pic. to show you. She has a big swingy
stride and twice overreached so much (during play) that she slightly
injured the outside of her front pasterns. Man, can she balance a
long time on her rear legs! She has never reared at any other time
than in play by herself, but twice as we learned to trailer-load. She
just does it occasionally when I turn her out. I always wish for the
video camera, but she's always got her back to me anyway. She's
affectionate, loves to run, is brave on the trail, and is difficult to make
tired.*****Brag mode off.

How do we join this new "club"? I'm looking forward to learning
more about Crabbets, and Arabs in general.