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Re: [endurance] saddles, CMK?, brag

Greg & Kathy Seibolt (bordrcrk@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 18:33:31 -0700

You wrote:
>Kate in TN, Did you have your Saares custom-fit for your horses?
>is the DeSoto like? Is it heavy? (My major concern, because of
having to
>sometimes lug my saddle around on my bicycle.)

The Sharon Saare saddle is something of a semi-custom fit. When I last
purchased one, there were 5 trees to choose from. I ordered a saddle
on the widest tree (Size D), and it was a close fit...but, not close
enough. This Arab's shoulders are WIDE and LONG. At that time, if you
were not living close to one of her saddle fitters (?) she would mail
the trees to you with instructions about what to look for, so you could
choose the tree. I too find the stirrups hung too far forward, so my
husband re-rigged them using Orthoflex rigging parts. Worked like a
dream for me, but still didn't fit this horse. The saddles we had for
the other Arabs did fit beautifully. One was a slab-sided fellow (Size
A tree), and the other was a well sprung guy who was narrow in the
withers (Size CC Tree). Anyway, it worked for them.

As for the DeSoto, I don't have it yet...(soon!)but it weighs only 16
pounds compared to the Saare's 20-25 pounds. I think Marilyn starts
with a much wider selection of trees, and can custom fit any of them.

The DeSoto rigging is very simple and that would make it easier to
"pack" on a bicycle...Although, I'd like to have a picture of you
lugging any saddle around on a bicycle...that HAS to be a chore!, and
YOU have to be addicted to riding to do it. I'd guess that one of the
synthetics would be easiest to "lug" around on a bicycle (a Wintec

Hope this helps?