ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] sports saddle, Nockamixon State Park in PA

[endurance] sports saddle, Nockamixon State Park in PA

Bridget M Brickson (Bridget_M_Brickson%notes@sb.com)
13 Sep 95 14:12:13 EDT

About the sports saddle; it doesn't have to be 2-part tree. I just need info on

Ah, well, Oogie, I see from a previous post that your CMK thingy is in CA,
and I'm in PA. Maybe you could put your e-mail address in your sig as well
as your WWW site.

Waaah! Why does all the neat Arab stuff happen in CA? C'mon, easterners.
Let's maintain our trails so we can ride 'em so we can keep 'em so we can
plan lots of rides, too! Nockamixon State Park needs people to help clear
some impassable trails (the bikers were complaing!). See you out there on
Thurs. evenings; e-mail me for directions to meet spot.

Bridget, frustrated about lack of interest in trail preservation in PA, and
catching up on megamessages Brickson@sb.com