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Re: [endurance] re: endurance saddles

Samm C Bartee (bartesc@mail.auburn.edu)
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 08:09:35 -0500 (CDT)

Regarding the Sport Saddle, I have been interested in learning more about
this saddle since I first saw one a couple of years ago. The questions I
have about them deal with heavyweight riders. I used a wintec for a
little while, and although it never made my horses back sore, it sure did
interfere with forward motion due to the flexible tree. I'm fairly
balanced and a decent rider, and often ride with an extremely loose
girth, so balance is not the issue for me. How can a Sport Saddle keep
my weight from bearing across my horses back without a solid tree? I did
try a bare back pad for a while and it was a total failure. It
definately was not what my horse wanted. If the Skito pad is the key to
the success of the Sport Saddle, what is the price and the life of the
pad? With my Desoto saddle, I use only a light pad. My horse had gone
through a huge weight gain and loss due to time off, and his saddle still
fits fine. I use the same saddle on my broodmare, during pregnancy, and
after weaning, and the saddle fit fairly well during all aspects of her
body changes. During weaning, she has a tendency to lose weight across
her back, so I use a PBM pad for about one month. However, I forgot it
on one conditioning ride, and she did not have a sore back or any
problems with forward motion. She won best condition at a 25 mile ride a
couple of weeks ago, and it was her first endurance ride in four years
and after 3 babies!! We used only the Desoto saddle and a light pad.