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Re: [endurance] re: endurance saddles

Carol Boardman (Carol.Boardman@Dartmouth.EDU)
12 Sep 95 11:21:33 EDT

I've just recently received my new Sport Saddle and took it out Sunday for its
inaugural ride. Heaven! After riding for 30 years in my Stuebben and thinking
it couldn't get any better I've been converted. True the ride was fairly short
and not too strenuous (I'm recovering from severely bruised ribs but that's
another story!) but I loved being able to feel my horse move out. And move out
she did. Once we headed down hill I thought someone had switched horses on me.
Gone was the Volkswagon who always ended up falling way behind the others. In
her place I had this Ferrari who couldn't scream down those hills fast enough.
Head up, ears up, tail out behind us and me saying "no jogging! no jogging!"
And I'm borderline midweight/heavyweight rider on an 11 year old Morgan. I
love this saddle - just wish that it had been around years ago.

Carol Bushway-Boardman in Vermont