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Re: [endurance] Gaited Horses

Ronald J. Bowden (editor@heart_talk.win.net)
Sat, 02 Sep 1995 00:25:49

>Tried to reply to Kathy privately, but it bounced:
>I have 2 Paso Fino geldings, age 2 and 5, and a
>new Walkaloosa mare, age 8. She shows real promise
>as a fast, fit, agile gaited partner for endurance.
>Long slow miles til next season at least though.
>Ann & The Gaited Gang

***Thanks Ann, for your reply. I'm not so great with computers so
who knows what I did wrong! Guess I'll have to ask my kids or
husband!! :-D My husband lured me into this with the endurance
conference. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with ALL these
messages...I REALLY ought to be riding :-p my mare can't condition

Where abouts are you? I'm in Southern CA near Wrightwood. Are you
competing now? or just getting your Walkaloosa into shape? I just
helped a friend buy a 7yo Walkaloosa mare, she's pretty nice but she
won't show a hint of a gait.

The mare I'm riding now is a Fox Trotter. She's got pretty nice
gaits but I think she'll be more of a finisher (nothing wrong with
that) than a Top Ten contender.


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