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Deb Bennett is correct in some ways; what she was grouping into "endurance
riding" will eventually be split into two groupings. Keep in mind that AERC
defines "endurance ride" as being 50 or more miles in length much like
"marathon" means 26+ miles for a human.

10k's and Marathons peacefully co-exist. Endurance rides and shorter rides
can co-exist very well together.

There is no need for all of the rules of a marathon to apply to a 5k
walk-a-thon. There is no need for AERC to sanction and place its rules on a
poker ride.

There is room for all horse rider to enjoy their own particular form of
riding. AERC was formed to support and enhance endurance riding as they
define it. There is absolutely no reason that endurance should exist all by
itself with nothing else going on. Often a marathon is held in conjunction
with a 10k. Just don't try to tell someone you finished a marathon when you
completed the 10k; don't call a 25 an endurance ride.

Endurance riders and ride managers realize that the 25s are where most new
endurance riders come from. Not everybody wants, strives for, or even really
cares for doing a marathon. Not everybody wants, strives for, or even really
cares for doing an endurance ride. Many more people enjoy doing a 10k. Many
more people enjoy doing a 25. The bread and butter may well be the 25, but a
10k is not a marathon and a 25 is not an endurance ride.

(Jumping headfirst off soapbox. Thud. Good thing I wore my helmet.)


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