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[endurance] More on Search & Rescue help

Ann (RLINARCH@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu)
Fri, 01 Sep 95 15:51:43 PDT

Forgot to say that the Mounted Posse folks had their
horses there too, some of them. One guy came back to
camp after his vet stop closed and he had hauled in
the lame horses, and took a nap in the shade- while
his 3 year old QH was hobbled to eat grass not far
from all the commotion of the last vet check. The
horse never blinked, just ate and stayed in one place.

Another Posse member's wife decided to enter the
30 mile ride the second day ( on short notice),
so her Arab needed to be vetted in and then
tied up to her trailer while she went home to
get prepared. After vetting, her husband tied the
horse to the trailer and he dutifully trotted along
behind while they drove slowly to the spot where they
would camp. Lots of heads turned, but this is probably
business as usual for ranch folks, ponying a horse
behind a trailer.

The cross fertilization of disiplines was good- the
Posse folks were quite impressed with the endurance
riders, and loved all the new tack they saw.

Ann & The Gaited Gang
Palouse, WA