ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Limited distance vs CTR ?

Re: [endurance] Limited distance vs CTR ?

Linda Cowles @ PCB x5624 (linda_cowles@MENTORG.COM)
Fri, 1 Sep 95 07:59:31 -0700

On Sep 1, 10:10am, TETERVIN@bms.com wrote:
> Subject: [endurance] Limited distance vs CTR ?
> ANOTHER query from the neophyte- concerning the discussion of 25 mile rides-
> realize that there are some differences between the way competitive trail
> rides and endurance races are judged, but what is the difference between a 25
> miles endurance race that is won based on HR etc vs a competitive trail ride
> which is also won based on the condition of the horse and optimal speed.Why
> not just go in competitve trail rides ? -Amy
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I'm not a member of NATRC, but I do a lot of volunteering to support their
rides, and have even been a ride secretary. This position is really tough,
BTW, 3 time the work of an endurance secty. My hats off to any long time
NATRC secretarys

I support NATRC because I think it is a good training vehicle for equine
trail users, and they are fun events for the folks that are into NATRC. I
haven't ever ridden NATRC because they judge EVERYTHING you do (it seems ;^)
and I go on rides to do distance and relax. Riding for 5 to 20 hours on a
fit horse in beautiful country is what I'm into, and I like having vets and
marked trails and good company.

I don't want to be judged on the fact that my new horse (still green) doesn't
stand well for mounting (he'll get there), don't want to be tested on my gate
opening competancy, whether my horse walks or hops over a log. I want
to be able to pace my own horse (not ride to someone elses timing), use a
corral at night, that sort of thing.

In short, I want to ride AERC rides, and would ride more limited distance
if the finishing awards were best condition awards. It's my opinion that it
would be better for the sport in the long term, and better for the horses.

My $.02


P.S. - I'm off on vacation all next week, and will be at Pt Reyes (again!)
Sept 7th through 10th; talk to 'yall after I get back!