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Re: [endurance] Limited distance vs CTR ?

Fri, 01 Sep 1995 10:42:24 -0400 (EDT)

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Subj: [endurance] Limited distance vs CTR ?

>ANOTHER query from the neophyte- concerning the discussion of 25 mile rides- I
>realize that there are some differences between the way competitive trail
>rides and endurance races are judged, but what is the difference between a 25
>miles endurance race that is won based on HR etc vs a competitive trail ride
>which is also won based on the condition of the horse and optimal speed.Why
>not just go in competitve trail rides ? -Amy

I was wondering the same thing -- having done my first limited-distance
endurance ride this spring (most of the rides in my area are CTR), I
would be disappointed if they turned into a CTR format.

I did not do the ride fast (about 4 hours), but I felt *very* relaxed,
not worrying about that 44 pulse. I thought the vetting was so much
less complicated. I really enjoyed that ride - and it helped my frame
of mind to not worry so much on CTRS. I am also a neophyte - having only
ridden/completed a total of 6 rides.

I am also wondering, if the format for the limited-distance rides changes,
having a lowered pulse criteria, how one would learn to "shift-gears"
so to speak and do a little faster pace? (ie looking for the 64 pulse
instead of 44). I was overly cautious, and vetted in at 48 and 52 at
the end. I would think of these rides as training rides for us to
find our "pace".

My view, as a novice, of riders completing the 25 mile in a bit over
2 hours, is this - at the ride I mentioned, I met a person who was
bragging about completing the ride last year in 2 hrs. 15 minutes - I
asked if he was riding that horse, and was told "No, he has some
problems". He was "starting" a new horse, 1st ride, a 4 year old,
and completed the ride in 2 hrs. 10 minutes. It is this type of
thing that gives me a bad feeling. It was interesting to read the
various viewpoints, and I have *no* problem with a well-conditioned
horse riding in that time, or with people/horses who stay with the
25 mile rides and win or top-10 consistently. I just want to have
fun with my horse, and keep him sound. I think I could've ridden
the ride faster, but enjoyed what we did (we were 24th out of 28

Eventually, I hope to ride 50 mile rides, I know I'll never do
a 100 (my limitations, I don't know about my horse). But, I
hope the 25 mile rides are kept as "training rides" in the format
they are now.
Jude Hall