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Re: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes?Nah.

I am a heavy middleweight with my tack........ that's my story and I',m
stickin' to it...

This last year I was often in the top 6 or 8, and many times, the heaviest
rider in the BC scoring.  I don't 'always win', in fact, of the four times I
chose to stand for BC last year on my first year horse, I won one.  I have
10 lifetime BC's - most won when I was a LW under the old system.

I can tell you that a well balanced and fit MW or HW has got to be easier on
a horse than some of the lighter riders who do not appear to be very
balanced or strong enough to not interfere with their horse's movement.

BC, as Merryben said, depends on many more factors than weight.

Laura Hayes

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> In a message dated 2/13/02 11:44:40 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:
> It seems to me that the BC award does
> not measure which horse did the ride in best condition, it just measures
> which horse carried the most weight.
> And you figured this out how?  Unless you see all the BC forms and the
scores, CRI scores, etc., you have no idea why the horse than won BC did so.
Sometimes it is obvious but more often not.  As a ride secretary for a bunch
of rides, I have seen the reasons and the markdowns for certain horses,
lesion soreness, poor recovery, etc., which are not that apparent to the
casual observer.  And by the way, in all 4 of my career BC's [and yes I am a
HW] my horse got the high vet score by a lot..
> maryben
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