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Re: BC and other awards

In this area, it has beconme common for management to give you your t shirt
at entry, then a little award for top tens and BC.  This way, you are
getting a tshirt for paying your entry, whether you finish or not - eases
the pain of being pulled a little.


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Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 7:29 PM
Subject: RC: BC and other awards

> Most rides in this area give placings and BC to LDs.   All distances
> recognize the high vet score, often a nice award.
>   Many times all distances will get the same "basic" completion award,
> each longer distance getting something extra.  For instance, everyone gets
> T-shirt,  50s will get a bucket and T-shirt,  75s a T-shirt and a bucket
> plus something else, etc.
> It is not uncommon for those not finishing to get hard luck awards, also.
> (They paid their money, helped make the ride a success, ought to have
> something to take home, too.)
> In many years riding and managing rides, awards, placings, etc.,  don't
> to change the attitudes of those who may ride beyond the horse's abilities
> on any given day, at any given distance.   They either do or they don't.
> We are blessed with quite a few good vets  and ride managers who do a lot
> planning to keep major disasters out of the picture.
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