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Re: RC: Re: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes? Nah.

Excuse me if this is a stupid question... but I keep wondering if the HW team
is really as disadvantaged as one would think.

Not a stupid question but from my own experience as a HV when I had Rushcreek Q-Ball and Joker.  I have a HW and when I rode the horses they did just fine and took maybe 5 minutes to come down.  When Heather rode Q-Ball she was down to about 44 coming into the vet check and finished in top 5.  When I let Becky Hart ride Joker, he got to do what he liked best, canter and gallop, his recoveries were better and he won the ride.  I have had this experience with other horses I have owned.  I have done the conditioning each time and they were used to carrying my weight but with a lighter rider, they always did better.  mb

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