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Re: horse retirement home

I don't know about the ranch, but Marty (it is Marty, not Mary) Ginsberg is a former Ride & Tie competitor who is also an Arab breeder.  I would think she is quite reliable.
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From: Kerry Redente
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 10:48 AM
Subject: RC: horse retirement home

Does anyone know of or heard about Anchor Ranch in Azalea, Oregon?  It's a horse retirement ranch that is run by an endurance rider by the name of Mary Ginsburg.  A friend of mine is thinking about sending one or two horses there.  It's a tough decision to make and she a little apprehensive about sending horses across the country without seeing the place first.  Although, one of the reason why this place is so appealing is due to the mild climate. 
Anyone know of any other retirement places?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.  You can email me privately at since this isn't exactly endurance related.
Kerry Redente
West Suffield, CT

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