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Re: RC: Re: NC AND WEIGHT -- other side of coin

RE LD comments  from Maggie

I 'ran' more LDs last year then ever.
I did more a year ago then I thought I should.
I dont really 'like' LDs, I believe I am an 'advanced' rider -
enough that I can bring a horse along  to enter a 50 miler.

I suppose my reasoning goes back to all my many miles and years in
ECTRA  the NE CTR riding method, There never was a need for me to
consider LD.

I have done a few for all the below reasons.

We did one this past year, when a vet who I respect very much
'thought' he saw something.
After much review by other vets and my shoer, nothing was found, But I
was concerned, Matt IS Dane's son.

I did the 25. He was fit for a fast 50. After 7 miles or so  -nothing
was going wrong... SO we cranked him up-  actually I just let him go.

Yes - I confess - I -one of those 'advanced should know better' riders
RACED that 25.
See number 1 and 5 below.. what a blast
bad image and all, as I raced past a group of 'civil' riders coming
into the first VC  then the 10 mile gallop around the lake was a rush.
Time was 2:32 NOT winning time, he was fine

Did another LD 25/25  back to back. Wanted to see how he took
multi-day riding, reason: plan for a 50/50 this year, then a 'real'
multi next year.  Thats a 2 year plan to get ready for our first 2 day
multi  then maybe a full blown 5 day.
If you look at our times for both days
they were good, but the TIMES were 1 MINUTE different. Hows that for
pacing and reading the horse and trail.  Bet I cant do that again?

I really dont PLAN on doing any LDs this year, but who knows - we may
not be in good enough shape to do the 50 /50 in March, since I still cant
ride and we will both be in poor shape by then.

Then of course the LD venue allows me a reason to go and support a
ride in the event we are not up a 50 miler.

THe HW issue  and WD in general  a forever thing.  I still dream of the
shot of running up with the tinnies. Been getting close - maybe later
this year.  But a HW rider (215) needs to ride smart, pay very close
attention to all the minor details. Try to select a horse with great
confirmation and
substance that can carry the load - strong back, short large legs,
that was why I bought the horse I have.
 Then do all the base work correctly.
 NO quick program for a 'flash' HW rider who wants to keep the
He weighs in at 1050 fit running shape. That is well within the 20%
rider to horse weight target.
 All I have to do is make sure he is fueled well before during
and after, to support the extra workload.

I rode - and still can ride- a 14.3 little mare. She weighs in at 850 when
fit. She took me around the OD100 as well as a number of 50 milers.
But she did not have much reserve, so I ran off her for many miles and
went MUCH slower then I am doing with the larger horse.
With her it WAS a win just to finish.
With a FW on her she would have
kicked butt. I may try a few LDs with her this year, she is 20 now.

Just some ramblings .. from a  disgruntled rider who is watching a great
horse standing at the gate - wanting to go someplace and ride.

Weather is great, really missing the conditioning time.
Roger R
Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 4:35:53 PM, you wrote:

MM> I have never seen veteran riders ride in an LD for the sake of having a
MM> better chance at winning a great prize.  Some/most LD rides don't give
MM> anything better and usually less than the 50s or 100s.  The veteran riders I
MM> see riding LD are doing it for one of the following reasons:
MM> 1) FUN
MM> 2) starting a young horse
MM> 3) recuperating a horse coming back from an injury or illness
MM> 4) recuperating themselves coming back from an injury or illness

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