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Re: NC AND WEIGHT -- other side of coin

I have never seen veteran riders ride in an LD for the sake of having a
better chance at winning a great prize.  Some/most LD rides don't give
anything better and usually less than the 50s or 100s.  The veteran riders I
see riding LD are doing it for one of the following reasons:
1) FUN
2) starting a young horse
3) recuperating a horse coming back from an injury or illness
4) recuperating themselves coming back from an injury or illness
And, yes there are always a few newbies trying out the sport at LDs but I
think there are also more and more veteran riders doing it for fun and to
stay involved because maybe they just can't quite go 50 anymore.  Most of
the time, we don't even know what the "prize" or award is, just if they will
or will not be judging BC (and for me, even BC on a 25 miler is a "prize" in
and of itself regardless if I get a ribbon or a mug or a throw blanket or
nothing....I have that pink piece of paper!).

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