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awards for longer distances

Of course, if you feel the longer distance riders should
get something "good" you could always donate and specify
what/who it should go for! I've donated framed original
artwork the last 3 or 4 years to a local ride (Klickitat
Trek - that I've completed, been pulled from and last
summer just went to hang out and visit and wish I could
ride!) I specified that I wanted the two paintings to go
for BC on the 100 and the 75. They already had some great
awards, but these are just extra. This year I may not
donate originals, but there will be something from our new
business donated. (Just blowing my own horn a bit here!) :)

Heidi-aerc#M20935  /\_/\~
                 ~~/~~  \\~~~~   (Wildlife/Western & Equine
                  /   O> ) \~~~~~    Art)
                 /    __/   \~~~~~~
                (_@_/  |     \~~~~
                       |      \~~~~~~
                       |       \~~~~

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