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another reader missing the point

>I think that the experienced riders who DID start out > that way
> when they were new to the game, think that ALL new riders start that 
way. They don't! There are many new riders just as "Zen" oriented as 
experienced ones. 

O.K. When I wrote my post trying to tell what I did wrong I was trying
*not* to sound holier than thou...but...I think I am definately AS Holy
as Thou! :-)  Just want to say that when *I* went what I now consider too
hard on a horse, I had 500 AERC Endurance Miles...which in you all's
argument would have put me already in the "elite". Ha. They were VERY
slow conservative miles.  Not many people witnessed them because most
were napping at their trailer before we came dragging in.  Got some nice
tail end awards though.  The thing is, those 500 slow miles did not
prepare me completely for racing.  I've got 3,600 miles now, and I'm
still just a babe in those woods.  Had a conversation on racing with a
former WEC team member this week. We both agreed that the more we know,
the more it scares us to ride that ragged edge. 

Now, one more thing.  Not trying to keep anybody out...just trying to
give folks a goal... You know, we got some nice embroidered shirts for
riding in the NC.  This year it didn't tell people much when we wore
them... but if the requirements are raised and you wear next years' it
will tell everyone who sees you in it that you and that horse have 500
miles together.  I think that's why most people did the ROC. Because
those buckets and halters they got told everyone their horse had
completed 6- 100 milers...not because they went there planning to win.

By the way, I did ride in the NC in KY.  The trail's deceptive, but far
from undoable.  The biggest reason most probably got pulled was that it
looked easier than it was.  

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