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newbie-pulse lower at canter?

Has anybody considered that maybe the horse was just sort of freaked at
the sound of the easyboots?  My horse hits 180 at a stand still
sometimes. Just let a deer walk out of the woods.  

I would let the horse simply get used to the easyboots before I even
looked at the heart monitor.  When Kaboot was young he was 40 beats
higher when he was in the lead.  I could have translated that as a bad
case of wind resistance and a good argument for drafting.  Actually, he
just knew that when the monstor jumped out of the woods he would be the
first one eaten.  A walking horse is often a bored horse who is looking
for something to get excited about.  A trotting or cantering horse is
getting down to business and more likely to have his mind on his job.

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