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Re: newbie-pulse lower at canter?

Kathy Myers
Anna, you might check to see if your heartrate
monitor is reading the same at the walk / trot
as it is at the canter.  Sometimes with the
slower speeds if the connections aren't right
you can get "double reading".  This happened to
me early on in my heart rate monitor ownership.
I just about had a stroke!  We'd done well climbing
the hill, at 120-ish or so.  But walking down the
hill Magnum was reading 178.  That's high for him.
I think he has one of those 22lb TB hearts that
comes down from Bold Ruler.  ANYWAYS, I was sure
his old ankle had given out.  Turned out it was just
that his heart rate was dropping through 89 and the
monitor was double reading between his strides.

So before you freak, check to make sure your leads
are secure and well attached to your horse.

:) - Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM

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