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Re: another reader missing the point

>  But the story you and many others have got WRONG is that
> new riders are NOT all gung-ho/gotta win/not paying attention to my horse,
> just winning. I think that the experienced riders who DID start out that
> when they were new to the game, think that ALL new riders start that way.
> They don't! There are many new riders just as "Zen" oriented as
> ones. They are out there loving nature, loving being with their horse and
> with other horse lovers, glad to be a part of some exciting friendly
> competition, and damn happy just to cross the finish line. And they ARE
> hearkening unto, and learning from, the "old hats".

Actually, Alison, in what I've observed over the years, you're right that
the vast majority of newbies are NOT concerned with winning.  They are quite
willing to get some experience first.  And they are for the most part quite
willing to not only listen to the "oldbies" but also willing to go out and
spend some hours and miles and sweat learning the ropes.  It's that small
minority that does not seem to want to do that before taking on the task of
a championship ride that are the concern.


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