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Re: RC: Re: "deserving" to race (Newbies)

In a message dated 2/12/2002 12:39:02 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Furthermore, a great many "newbies"
grasp that as well, fully understanding that they need to gain experience
before aspiring to the top.  How that could be twisted to mean that "newbies
aren't welcome" or that their participation is a "stain" is what baffles me.


    What we have found with all of our new clients that they seem to be a little too slow in getting started.  I feel that with all of the cautions and warnings out there, riders are scared to move on with their training and/or competing.  After talking with a few about this, it's the other riders that intimidate them not the training, or eventing.  I know some riders that train for over a year, just to enter a LD.  I've even rode with some and couldn't believe how hard they were working their horses just to get ready for a LD.  I've tried to let them know that hard miles are hard miles.... Whether you pay for them or not.  This seems to help move them on...
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