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re: Flash in the Pan

Drin wrote:

I knew exactly what you meant Howard , there are too many horses out there
now that are "flash in the pans" "shooting stars" whatever you would like to
call them that come into this sport and win like crazy for a year or two and
then "poof" gone . Gee , I wonder what happened to them ?? I keep asking
this question and not one of you guys that are for lowering the
qualifications will answer me.


Oh you who accuses others of not listening. The answer, and I have said this
before, is that if you want to use this kind of generalization as "proof" of
something, then YOU get the proof, don't tell others they have to figure out
what happened to those horses so that they can help YOU prove a point.  The
burden of proof is on you. Why don't you call those supposed owners and ask
them why they/their horse are out of the picture, then report back to us
with the REAL story, instead of your guesses and generalizations? Maybe they
got bored with endurance riding (GASP!). It actually happens, you
all sports...people win a few big ones and then move on to other challenges,
like mounted orienteering or high-terrain mounted rescue work. Some horses
are so well-versed after so many endurance miles under a rider that they
become favorites with the kids at home. There is nothing shameful about
changing careers.


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