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Re: RC: Re: newbie-pulse lower at canter?

At 08:50 AM 02/12/2002 -0500, Maggie Mieske wrote:
>I have no experience with easy boots (maybe Karen can
>help you with that) but I have not experienced any major changes in pulse
>with or without shoes.

I'd be more inclined to check out the heart monitor, leads, wires, 
etc.  Also, look at where you are riding -- sometimes there can be 
interference from things like power lines, etc.

Also, check to see how your horses general attitude and overall outward 
appearance is -- this will also give you a clue as to whether or not the 
HRM is working properly or not.

I've done a few rides with barefoot horses, or barefoot with easyboots, and 
of course shod with easyboots and haven't ever noticed any difference in 
the horses recoveries or working pulse rates.  So far, about 100% of the 
time when the rates are going ballistic all over the place it's been the 
HRM that's spazzing out on me.  I remember telling a vet one time, if this 
HRM is right my horse is going to drop any second, right at your feet.


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