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Re:High Milers:-)

Alison wrote
"High milers who try to claim Nationals need to "mean something"
prestige-wise, then try to support the new proposed entry restrictions by
claiming it's all for the "good of the horse" are talking out of both
sides of their mouth, as the saying goes."

I din't realize that 500 miles was high mileage ?? People who have 500
lifetime miles with their horse are elitist's ?
Those are just getting started miles ! Just answer me one question Alison ,
what is wrong with having to work towards a goal in a competition ? I live
in montana , I  ride one endurance horse at a time , right now I am starting
a young one and we will have a long ways to go before she is ready to top
ten on a ride , oh well that is the dues of the game IF you want to have a
horse go into the 1000 mileage range and beyond . I can only ride from may
until october , one ride a month , it takes me awhile to get some mileage on
a horse but to me that is what the sport is about . Going slow with your
horse teaching them the ropes of endurance and working your way towards the
top tenning/winning of rides . The NC is 1 ride , thats it ! Its not like
people with youngsters and people just starting endurance are losing out on
going to lots of rides if they aren't qualified for the NC . 1 ride that
they can set their goals for in the near future . What is wrong with earning
something instead of getting it handed to you ?
                                       Drin Becker
                                       Mtn Region

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