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Re: RC: Nationals Qualifications

At 01:18 AM 02/11/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Yes, we should emphasize long-term horse health in every issue of
>Endurance News

So it's okay to be in Endurance News but not on ridecamp?

I don't think anybody is trying to force people to do anything.  Some 
people may actually pick something up and learn from all of these 
posts  I've posted that had I started out racing one of my horses he might 
have been one of the ones with one or two great ride seasons but that would 
have been it.  I am hoping to give people an idea that sometimes there is a 
bigger picture to look at.  When you are new and starting out every ride 
seems like a really big deal, and if you miss one it feels like the end of 
the world.  There are a lot of people entering this sport that don't have 
any previous horse experience and there are lots of great horses out there 
with a tremendous amount of ability.   I have seen that generally some 
people aren't going to listen but most people starting out do try to learn 
as much as they can.  If listening to a bunch of NAZI endurance riders 
rattle off about what they think causes them to put more effort into trying 
to rate their horse at a ride, or becoming more aware of things then that's 
just great.  Power of the internet.  :-))


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