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Re: sheepskin covers for sport saddles

Title: Re: sheepskin covers for sport saddles
> I bought some "sheepskin" off ebay.  Put it away to make a cover someday.
>Took my merino sheepskin off of my saddle for a pattern...well, the
>sheepskin I bought is certainly not merino.  I had no idea what a big
>difference there was.  Definitely pay the extra money and have one made with
>the merino sheepskin.  It's so thick and soft and cushy!!!  I'm not sure
>where my cover came from because I bought it used with a saddle.

Worldwide there's a couple hundred breeds of sheep with all kinds of fleece that ranges from down to burlap.

The two breeds you need to remember are Merino and Rambouillet.

Rambouillet is the 'American' (it's actually French) off-shoot of merino and it is just as soft and cushy as the standard Australian merino.

Just a hell of a lot cheaper.

And you can get it in natural (not dyed) colors too.

Always ask what breed it's from.

If they tell you Karakul or Navaho Churro, run.  :)

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