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Re: Re: Qualifications for Nationals/How about 500 LIFETIME MILES

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Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 3:23 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Qualifications for Nationals/How about 500 LIFETIME MILES
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  I do not want
to see a US Nationals with only 40 US representatives

    Perhaps the top two finishers (in each weight division) of that kind of ride would then be eligible to participate in a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RIDE...if we (as an organization) need to have a National Champion. 
    How many riders would that be....doesn't matter, if the intent is to determine who has earned  the right to be called AERC NATIONAL CHAMPION and then maybe WEIGHT DIVISION NATIONAL CHAMPION, for each weight division (in order to be a bit more "inclusive").
    That should be enough.
    It shouldn't be "y'all come..."


I do have problems with the 500 miles, rider and horse together, required to enter under the revised rules for the National Championship.  That would eliminate a new purchase, if you got lucky to buy an endurance horse already trained and a contender, for the better part of a full riding year.  I think that rule, if I understand it correctly, is excessive. 500 rider miles, lifetime, and a hundred or so with his/her horse sounds much more reasonable



Howard (dreaming of having that horse one day)   

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