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Trails--New Guidebook to Preserve Trails

The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource has a new
publication:  "Getting Organized--Creating an Equestrian
Trails Organization."
You can get an order form for this and the ELCR's
"Equestrian Land Protection Guide" booklet at:
If you don't know who the Equestrian Land Conservation
Resource is, they are a group spawned from the Board
of Directors of the Pony Club--generally speaking, a lot of
Middleburg, Virginia-area blueblood types who know the
importance of working the political machinery to get what
they want.  (This is the same general crowd who successfully
stopped Disney from building a theme park among the
Civil War battlefields in the very horsey Middleburg, Virginia
area outside Washington, DC.)  There were general land
conservation groups, these people noticed, but nothing
directly targeting *horse* land.  So they set up ELCR
three or four years ago, and got somebody all of us
at Ridecamp were already familiar with, Kandee Haertel,
to be its Executive Director.
Kandee's done a bang-up job getting hard-core, nuts-and-bolts,
"how-to" information on horse land and trails issues published
and available to horsemen.
Buy the books.  Join the organization.
Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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