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Re: Re: Qualifications for Nationals/How about 500 LIFETIME MILES

> At least one naysayer is saying that she won't recognize the winner of
> race as THE National Champion. She's entitled to her opinion, but a lot of
> the rest of us would like to see the top riders in the country face off
> against each other. The winner of that race will certainly be the champion
> of the National Championship Race. There are plenty of awards already for
> placings, BC's and miles.

I've never had any difficulty with the concept of top riders facing off.
That is one kind of competition.  But who endures for an entire 12-month
season is another.  Why we had to kill off one form of competition that
meant a great deal to many of us in order to start another one is beyond me.
I've never discouraged the concept of such a race--but I still would like to
see our "overall points champion" recognized.


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