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Re: Qualifications for Nationals/How about 500 LIFETIME MILES

> Newer riders, some high mile riders and it seems the
> NC Kentucky people want.
> 1.  To have the opportunity to qualify in a reasonable
> amount of time.
> 2.  To encourage as many riders as possible to attend
> the event.
> 3.  Want to use this event to inspire people to go
> higher distance riding and more events.
> 4.  Want to encourage and welcome newer AERC members
> to this event.

Keep in mind that in years past, in order to be an AERC NATIONAL CHAMPION,
you had to ride a season that in itself was generally somewhere between 1000
and 2000 miles.  Less that 2 decades ago, I was in the AERC Top 25, with a
season over 1000 miles, of which all but one ride were Top Tens.  And one
reason that I don't participate in the so-called "National Championship"
system (indeed, one reason why I no longer ride at the level I used to,
because the old points system was what actually had meaning for me) is that
the winner of a single ride simply does not represent to me a true
"Champion" of this sport, the way folks like Becky Hart, Marney Nance, Hanne
Hollander, Dayton Osborne, Trilby Pedersen, Brenda Reudy <sp>, and a bunch
of other past AERC NATIONAL CHAMPIONS did.  In a sport where champions of
yesteryear had to ride that far in a championship season, why is it that now
folks who haven't even gone 500 miles yet are complaining that they can't
"qualify" to be champions?  What is wrong with this picture??  Boy howdy,
has this become a society of instant gratification, or what?  I don't mean
to be condescending, Tami, but gee, take some time to learn the ropes!


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