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Re: Riding on the beach MI/OH

Well, the Shore to Shore doesn't really have beach "riding" in
understanding is that you get to go in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan and get
wet...not really "riding" the beach.  One year on our way home from Grand
Island we met my niece (a Yooper in St. Ignace) and had a picnic on the
beach right by the bridge.  We parked the horse trailer, got out the horses
and took them in the water and rode up and down the beach for awhile.  It
was a blast.  There is a spot north of Cross Village that a friend told me
about where they go riding (nice, sandy beach...we've been swimming there)
but you have to go before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  Sturgeon Bay???
Maybe that's it.  I am suffering from a nasty chest cold and it's depriving
my brain of oxygen!  :)  LOL  I always wanted to ride on the beaches around
Empire but the National Park Service won't allow it... Sleeping Bear Dunes
National Lakeshore, ya know.  I love it, grew up spending my summers there
as a kid at a little ramshackle cabin not far from Lake Michigan but of
course, they took it away from us to make the park....I figure they owe me a
gallop but no such luck!  The way I figure it, they've gotta catch me!!!  :)
Anyway, I have often wondered about stopping along Highway 2 in the UP along
some of the nicer beaches and taking the horses out for a gallop...the spot
by the bridge was cool but also had a lot of gravel and stone.  Not a
typical sandy beach but we had fun anyway.  I can tell you how to get to
that spot if you ever go up there.  :)

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