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NC qualifications and Newbies

> Here's what's bothered me through this discussion
> though.  The numerous amount of, shall I say, newbie
> bashing? Such as Quote: Another person implied that
> new people didn't know how to ride and just "BURNED UP

Chill Tim, if we say that it's probably because we are guilty ourselves
to some extent at some point in our newbi-stage.  I started out *very*
conservative...wanting my horse to walk part of the way. Ha. ha. Horse
convinced me that was not the game...*but* I know I did make some newbie
errors when I did first begin to go fast...which was several years into
my endurance experience.  I remember crossing the finish line at Million
Pines after a race-off for the win on a horse who was doing his 1st 50. 
The horse was incredible and it had felt *so* easy!  Wes Crowe told me,
"You done real good.  You SHOULDN'T have, but you done real good".  He
was right but I didn't grasp what he was telling me.  Next race I raced
Nina Warren's ROC winner in for the win and got 2nd after the horse I was
on out-recovered Whoa Jack, another ROC winner in the vet check.  In his
third 50 we won and got BC.  That's when he started having lameness
problems. If I'd done that horse's 2nd race at the NC I might have
won...which I suppose would make me the poster child for Newbies who
would deserve some criticism.  Anybody else want to have confession? 
It's funny to me to teach at a school where I graduated.  The students
whose parents are often the least trusting and strict are often the ones
who I have a *lot* of dirt on.  They suspect much because they did much. 
Maybe we're the same.


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