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NC qualifications and Newbies

IMO, the standards for qualifying for the NC are
justified, and maybe they should be a little stronger.
 Like people stated, this event is suppose to be
geared toward the best of the best horse/ride teams in
North America.  Standards should be set high.

/rant on
Here's what's bothered me through this discussion
though.  The numerous amount of, shall I say, newbie
bashing? Such as Quote: Another person implied that
new people didn't know how to ride and just "BURNED UP
THEIR HORSES QUICKLY".  Gee, great way to really
encourage new endurance riders.  To me, many are
implying that they knew everything and were instant
pros when they started.  Kinda makes a beginner like
myself feel those veterans are unapproachable cause
they think I can't ride and that I'll just "burn up my
horse".  Luckily I'm married to someone that has
experience and can show me the ropes.  How many posts
from newbies on this board have stated, "Such and such
ride will be my first ride, I'm going to win it!!!!" 
All I've seen are people looking for answers on
conditioning, how to handle a first ride, vet checks,
etc.  Statements like the one above just make
beginners as a whole seem like the devil spawn and we
don't deserve to ride endurance.  A case of the few
making the many look bad?  Probably could say that
about any class of rider though.
/rant off

Ok, I feel better.  Off to ride Sandhills State
Forest, SC.


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