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Re: RC: Riding companion or pit crew? - a poll

Well in that case he might even change his mind about crewing for a 100 that
starts at 2 AM!


Rides 2 Far wrote:

> > Would you rather your significant other ride with you or pit-crew > for
> you?
> No contest, CREW!  If they ride it's double the entry fees, double the
> shoeing cost and your horse's stuff only gets 1/2 the trailer space.
> Besides, crews will drive you home and you can sleep.   I tell my
> daughters, forget guys who ride...pick out one that can support your
> habit and looks like he could carry a lot of water. :-)  By the way, Bill
> did one 50 miler.  He rode through rain, lightning, and hail...then he
> got off and said, "That wasn't that hard" and never asked to do another
> one.  He says he wouldn't mind doing endurance, if they didn't start so
> early.  >g<
> Angie

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