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RE: Florida???Trails?? KY ...

FERA (Florida Endurance Riders Association)


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Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 3:17 PM
Subject: RC: Florida???Trails?? KY ...

OK now that i have narrowed it down to 2 states. are there endurance rides
in FL? and where? are there places to camp and ride your horses? what
about mileage system, got alot of miles or since FL is such a tourist
state the mileage is kept down? what a good are to move to? what about a
club/?? i bet yall all are like i wish she would stop asking questions.
well i ask others too. most of yall who are from the areas that i am
interested in and that have helped me yall know who yall are and have been
great help.
thanks again

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