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Re: Riding companion or pit crew? - a poll

Loaded question, Wendy!!  :)  On one hand, I would LOVE to have Nelson ride
WITH me.  He doesn't feel he is up to it though and may never be.  I'd like
to see him at least do some LD eventually.  On the other hand, I LOVE having
him as my pit crew.  It's his way of getting involved and being a part of
the sport I love even though he chooses not to ride.  I think we would
somehow miss out on some part of the whole ridecamp experience if he was the
kind of husband who kissed me good bye and said "Have a good time at the
ride".  (I am constantly "losing" him after we get there as he makes the
"rounds" to visit with everyone while I want to kick back and relax and get
psyched up).   I do get to ride with my daughter, though now that she's not
a junior she can't wait to ride by herself!!!  Or so she says...I'm trying
to teach her about team strategy and she's catching on.  :)  So.......does
that confuse you more?  I didn't really answer your question, did I?  :)
I'm sneaky that way!

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