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Re: RC: Florida???Trails?? KY ...

This year in FL and Southern GA you will find endurance rides from Oct through
June, the June ride being a moonlite endurance ride for a total of 9 or so the
last time I counted.

You will also find many competitive trail rides including the FL 3 day 100
which has its 52nd consecutive runing this March.

You will find miles of trails. In the Ocala NF for example there is a 100 mile
marked horse trail. When finished the cross FL greenway will have close to 100
miles and it hooks up to the Goethe trail system in the west. The Goethe State
Forest has close to 80 miles with a wonderful horse camp with running water.
This is just a few.

Kentucky also has some wonderful riding - Cave Run, LBL to name a few. The
horse camp at LBL is wonderful - the Hyatt is being finished later this

Good luck on whatever you choice.
Truman wrote:

> jaime
> OK now that i have narrowed it down to 2 states. are there endurance rides
> in FL? and where? are there places to camp and ride your horses? what
> about mileage system, got alot of miles or since FL is such a tourist
> state the mileage is kept down? what a good are to move to? what about a
> club/?? i bet yall all are like i wish she would stop asking questions.
> well i ask others too. most of yall who are from the areas that i am
> interested in and that have helped me yall know who yall are and have been
> great help.
> thanks again

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