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RE: RC: Bob Marshall Saddle stirrup question (again)

I have 5 of these saddles;my daugher has a 15"endurance model with stirrups in the normal position. I feel very unbalanced in that saddle.  Then, I have another endurance model, and a schooling and training with the stirrups  2"back.  This feels much more balanced, with my heels under my hips.  

Original Message:
From: Tara Wheeler
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 01:17:21 -0600
Subject: RC:  Bob Marshall Saddle stirrup question (again)

I just got my first Bob Marshall saddle (a used trainer) and I'm really
enjoying it.

However, I remember reading about people setting the stirrups back an inch
or more in order to make it easier to post or two-point.

Anyone out there had the factory settings and then tried the set-back

Does it really make a big difference in your posting or two-point position?

Can you get a saddle retro-fitted to the set-back position? 

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