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ROC $s

>400 bucks? That's quite insane. Who the heck is going to pay that? I'd like an explanation as to why the entry is so high. Is there some kind of gold plated belt buckle involved here?

Bet there won't be many tents at that campsite! Is this really where we want to go with this ride? Has it always been this expensive? IF this figure is correct, I've just lost interest in the ROC.

Howard (I hope this isn't some sort of trend)

Yes, Howard, it's always been that expensive (in $s comparable to the economy of the day..) It always had a lot of "extras", a lot of freebies for entering, and valuable awards--the winner used to get a trailer (I believe Becky Hart's had plates "RIO 1 IT). This is one of the reasons it needed "special AERC sanctioning"--rules call for a steward to be present it the awards exceed a certain $ value.


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