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Re: RC: Portable Corrals

Do you know the url to the webpage? I searched for them but I couldnt find the site...

-Jessica Roy

--- wrote:
>Karen Webb
>I found a wonderful portable corral panel set-up very reasonably through
>Straight A's Arenas in Ohio.  They do have a website.  I got the 5ft high,
>6ft wide, 6 bar panels that put together with pins, they have the J-leg
>bottoms on both sides at the bottoms so will not scoot should the horse
>push on them, and any panel can be used as a gate.  You could set it up in
>a circle or in a square, they are galvanized steel and each panel only
>weighs 28-30lbs a piece.  I am 5'2" tall and needed something I could
>handle and set-up my self and these will allow me to that.  I only paid
>$550 for a set of 8 and that included shipping.  I have a stallion and
>wanted something more solid than the electric tape for his stabling
>arrangement at rides and this gives me alot of options without alot of
>cost.  Plus, the panels will store and haul in my horse trailer in either
>the front or an empty stall.
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