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RE: RC: West Region Rides

I was looking to put on a ride in the Yosemite area in the fall,
there isn't one weekend without a ride from Labor day until like

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Subject: RE: RC:  West Region Rides
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 00:25:00 -0800

>Kathy Mayeda
>Since I am insomniac right now, I just checked the 2001 Ride 
>Calendar vs.
>the 2002 Ride Calendar and we are in great shape!  We have three new
>rides, Quicksilver Spring Classic, Night Owl and Sierra Valley 2-day.
>Camp Far West will have an "alternative ride." Two rides have added 
>a 100
>mile distance in addition to LD and 50 mile distances.  Scotts Flat,
>Brothel to Brothel, Morgan Springs are not appearing on the ride 
>yet.  There were 52 (one day) rides sanctioned in 2001 including the 
>2000.  We have 48 (one day) rides sanctioned in 2002.  Cuneo Creek
>appaeared to be a 2-day 100 last year and is a one day 100 this year.
>Since it's early February, I suppose that there is still a chance to
>sanction more rides.
>I also noticed a lot of rides moving around the calendar from last 
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