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West Region Rides

Kathy Mayeda
Since I am insomniac right now, I just checked the 2001 Ride Calendar vs.
the 2002 Ride Calendar and we are in great shape!  We have three new
rides, Quicksilver Spring Classic, Night Owl and Sierra Valley 2-day.
Camp Far West will have an "alternative ride." Two rides have added a 100
mile distance in addition to LD and 50 mile distances.  Scotts Flat,
Brothel to Brothel, Morgan Springs are not appearing on the ride calendar
yet.  There were 52 (one day) rides sanctioned in 2001 including the XP
2000.  We have 48 (one day) rides sanctioned in 2002.  Cuneo Creek
appaeared to be a 2-day 100 last year and is a one day 100 this year.
Since it's early February, I suppose that there is still a chance to
sanction more rides.

I also noticed a lot of rides moving around the calendar from last year!


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