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Inspirational web site

Don't know if ya'll are like me, all goal oriented, and like those
inspirational posters that make you want to go train... You know the
ones, the guy running the stadiums all alone with words like
"Perserverance" at the bottom.  Well, I just found a great website for
spoofs of those.  Helps me keep things in perspective. I put one on my
screensaver at school that has a sinking ship that reads: 
"MISTAKES" It could be that your purpose in life is to serve as a warning
to others" >g<  Check it out, it may describe your training techniques
better than the serious ones. :-)

Check them out at:    There's even one for those of us
on Ridecamp!  It says: CLUELESSNESS "There are no stupid questions, but
there are a lot of inquisitive idiots" >lol<

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