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Re: national championship/qualifications

My understanding is that the NC trail was TOUGH (scared the heck out of at
least one of our clients who had WAY more than the required miles) and
anyone, no matter how many miles they did or didn't have, who could complete
was worthy of competing.  I don't consider the other riders my competition.
I consider the trail my competition.  Just because a horse and rider only
has 200 or 500 miles as a team doesn't mean that they are novices or
inexperienced or unworthy of competing in the NC.  I think Tami has some
valid points.  (200 miles is perhaps minimal and 500 miles is probably more
like it but hey, ya all can go to the ROC this year with NO requirements.)
Does that make it less of a ride?  The trail is the same regardless of who
the riders/horses are.  If a newcomer (horse or rider) comes along able to
compete at the same level as what you consider "NC championship quality" and
can even BEAT others with more miles and experience, why can't they be given
the credit due?  JMO, please don't be mean to me....I am trying to recover
from a nasty argument on another board in which they bashed farriers (they
are all arrogant, expensive NO SHOW jerks, etc.) and in which they are just
downright MEAN and NASTY.  At my suggestion that the webmaster should
require posters to identify themselves or keep an eye out for flaming or
inappropriate language, someone commented that we might as well require arm
brands and tattoos!  SHEESH!  Steph could teach that bunch a thing or two
about etiquette!!!    Give me RC ANY day!!!!   Even when we disagree!

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