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new dogs to endurance/trail

carla lawson
ahh dogs and endurance....I wish I could take DNA from my dog Dee and my
Mouse Louie...they are all night/day long runners. Louie will run for
hours on his little motercycle tredmill thingy... And Dee comes in fresh
every trail ride...Well until that last 12 miler did her in a smidgen. As
for the puppy training.. I carry my whip beside be and swat the little
pups rump. It took a few times to get Hershey to get out from Ansata until
well....she got rolled by my nag and we were going a good clip. I got off
felt the ribs and was greeted with her hopping up and down and
kisses..Silly dog.. wasn't hurt. But we were fortunate. It took Dee
getting rolled as well and she stays way to the side or right behind. When
we first start out at a walk they are full speed sniffing everything. But
it took getting rolled and a few swats with the whip on the bum.
Carla (nasty weather...and I am off work... Crap)
Ansata (if that little brown dog keeps getting in my way I will pulverise
Haley (Oh yeah..well at least you don't have a dog that is constantly
Drafting you!!)
Rob (ahh my dogs,my horse, is good!)
Dee and Hershey (ohboyohboy...we get to go we get to go.)
P.S. When we put the decals on our Trailer we have Dee and Hersheys names
in the front compartment! they have earned the spot!

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