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mulch/chips footing

Toss this idea out.  Built a simple 100 x 150 riding arena down below my
barn to work horses.  Sunk my retirement into buying/building our farm &
don't foresee the chunk of money for limestone base, sand mix footing. I
have ridden at one facility that used mulch for footing.  Now I know I
gotta stay away from Walnut, Cherry, & Buckeye (first two plentiful on my
property!), but I have elm, oak, and spruce to trim & occasionally fall
down in the pasture.  What about chipping spreading the trees/clippings
for footing.  Hey I'm a poor college prof. trying to support a son in
harness racing, my daughters dressage, and my endurance riding so money's
T-I tight.  Your thoughts gang!?

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