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RE: RE: wintec saddle repair

I'd be a bit wary of applying heat to a plastic material like the Wintec. It
may be possible to burn a hole in it! let alone the sticky mess on your
iron. A non-heat glue may be the answer, but only temporarily, as the patch
may want to peel off anyway.

Verlane Desgrange

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Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 5:44 PM
Subject: RC: RE: wintec saddle repair

In the early days of Wintec I seem to remember they sold a repair kit. It
some kind of patch similar to the iron-on patches they sell for repairing 
holes in the knees of blue jeans, etc. I don't know if they sell that
since the fabric has changed in the last few years to a fabric that has more

of a texture or "fuzz". Maybe an iron-on patch would work???

So. Calif.

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