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Re: RC: Bouncy trot/Spring stirrups?Help!!

At 10:20 AM 2/4/02 -0500, Todd Marshall wrote:
>Dear Ridecampers:
>Just finished a second 25 w/my Polish arab Viktor,and I need your help!My 
>horse has a big trot when he's competing -with alot of bounce.I'm pretty 
>darned fit,but I notice that my feet are really bouncing off his 
>sides,like  3-4 inches!I try to keep him more collected,but it's work.We 
>probably did 50 miles over three days and my left knee is killing me !I 
>love this horse in all other respects,he's a really fun,brave horse.I find 
>myself cantering more because his trot is jarring me.
>We are working with a trainer to build him up so he can stay more 
>collected for longer distances,but I need to do something for myself in 
>the meantime.Do you think the spring stirrups would help ?Please e-mail me 
>if you have used a spring stirrup.

It almost sounds to me like the problem may be stirrup leather *length.*
Since your left knee is killing you, I'd look to the right stirrup for the 
Are both leathers the same length?  Not only are they the same length,
are the holes the same distance from the end on both straps.

Straps stretch and get mismatched quite often.

If they are the same, I'd suggest having your legs measured.  You may
need a slight stirrup raise on the shorter one.

Have someone observe you from the back to see if you are riding in the
center of the horse and not off to one side.

Marv "The problem with the Susan B. is that they are almost the same
size and shape as the quarter.  I know!  Let's make them pale yellow and
call them Gold Dollars!" Walker

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